And happy you can certainly travel both.

The Independence Seaport Museum is hosting the Walnut2Walnut Regatta on May 31st. You have the opportunity to paddle from Walnut Street on the Schuylkill to Walnut Street on the Delaware! The Seaport Museum says this about their event:

Walnut2Walnut is an ambitious combination of three fun events: 
1) a 15 mile, two-river regatta, 2) a challenging river to river scavenger hunt, and 3) a “Saturday stroll” on Walnut Street.

Independence Seaport Museum, in partnership with our friends at Schuylkill Banks and Delaware River Waterfront Corporation and many more, invites everyone to accept the Walnut2Walnut challenge and register for the event that best fits your interests and sense of adventure. These are your rivers – connect with them and help our children take advantage of the opportunities for learning presented by a vibrant and diverse waterfront.

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If a 15-mile paddle seems daunting to you right now, you can start training at Paddle Penn’s Landing every Saturday and Sunday.

Summer is the time to paddle, and there is no better place to get your kayak on than the Tidal Delaware!