The Tidal Delaware got some major love on Billy Penn last week. The on-line news platform for Philly made a great case for why more people should be out playing in the Delaware and Schuylkill: there is less industry on the rivers than every before; the river is less polluted than ever before; and this guy did a three-day river journey in 2011!

“I’d love to see more people [get out on the river],” William Reed, owner of Standard Tap in Northern Liberties, said. “It’s ridiculous they don’t. It’s the same water up there in Bucks County and people are tubing and having fun and somehow people think by the time it gets to Philly it’s polluted and ruined. It’s not the case. It’s a beautiful river.”

Check out the whole article, then get out on the river!

SS Olympia by Allen Crawford