We at the Tidal Trail were totally inspired by the American Trails sponsored webinar on Water Trail Ambassador programs. We definitely want to take a trip to see the Yuba River in California, and we are already planning a “work” trip to experience the Northern Forest Canoe Trail! We especially liked this quote from the webinar:

“The best water trails link outdoor recreation to conservation and stewardship opportunities. This a symbiotic relationship between recreating on waterways and protecting them doesn’t occur without effort.”

Ambassador programs like the one we have on the Tidal Trail are great ways to develop environmental stewardship and knowledge about the resources offered by the river. The Tidal Trail’s ambassadors have been instrumental in improving environmental and recreational conditions on the Delaware. Are you interested in learning more about the Tidal Trail Ambassador Program? Click on the link below to check out the Ambassador Handbook!

Tidal Delaware Ambassador Handbook

Tidal Trail Ambassadors