The Tidal Delaware River is an active river – passing under historic bridges, through vibrant urban centers and serving as a thoroughfare for large ships. While this makes boating and paddling the river an exciting experience, users must also be aware of their surroundings to have a safe, enjoyable experience.

And remember, the Tidal Delaware Water Trail is a tidal river. Tides and currents can change your ability to boat or paddle the river. Please check the links prior to your trip. Weather [link to weather website], headwinds, tidal surges, and hazards must be considered.

U.S. Coast Guard Safety Courses

If you are new to boating or paddling, please visit the U.S. Coast Guard Boating Safety Resource. There you will find links to online safety courses, self-assessments, and tips for all types of users.

Pennsylvania Boating Regulations

Next, please visit review Pennsylvania Boating Regulations from the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission. Motorboats and sailboats must be registered, while paddlers do not.

Emergency Numbers

Please review phone numbers in the sidebar. Whenever possible, use Marine radios: VHF channel 16 for distress calls. All other instances, call 911. BE AWARE: 911 has some disadvantages from the water. 911 issues: frequently misdirected to police or fire departments, area geography may limit or block a cell phone signal, caller’s location cannot be determined using radio direction finders, a cellular call cannot be monitored by other boaters, and it may not be possible for the caller to be contacted by rescue boats or aircraft.