The most recent host of the Canoemobile program was Ridley Township – home to a Tidal Trail marina that you should definitely know about.

Located just a few miles downriver of Philadelphia, Ridley sits at the confluence of the Tidal Trail and the Darby Creek. The marina provides excellent access to the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge in Southwest Philly (a birder’s paradise!). You can paddle around Little Tinicum Island Natural Area and even see the Lazaretto – Philadelphia’s Ellis Island – from the same perspective early immigrants would have seen the building. Ridley Township is an excellent place to experience the Tidal Trail.

This past summer, the marina saw more kayaks and canoes using the ramp than ever before. Next summer, there will be a brand new restaurant at the Marina so paddlers can grab a beer and a bite after coming off the river. The new kayak storage rack provided by the Pennsylvania Environmental Council is full, and paddlers are taking advantage of the beautiful site to explore the lower Tidal Trail. Daily and seasonal ramp passes are available for paddlers, motor boats, and jet skis. For information on all rates and services at the Ridley Marina, contact the Marina office at 610-521-2800 or and visit them on facebook.

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