We’ve talked about the natural beauty of the new Washington Ave Pier Park, and we’ve discussed how awesome it is that the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation is working to create public space along the river for Philadelphians. We’re also pretty into the environmental and historic interpretation of an important relic of Philly’s past.

But we’re easy to please.

benchesA much more discerning critic, however, just gave her seal of approval for one of the design elements at the Washington Ave Pier. Here are Inga Saffron’s words from October 6th:

“The designers of the new Delaware River pier park, Washington Avenue Green, solved the problem by crafting their own site-specific seating. The rustic park is built on the remains of a collapsed pier, and it looks as if it was sculpted naturally by the wind and currents, rather than by engineers from Applied Ecological Services. Their simple backless bench perfectly embodies the ethos of the landscape design.

Taking cues from bundled riprap – those stones that stabilize highway embankments and shorelines – the designers used a metal cage for the base, then weighted it with bricks and logs found on the site. Neatly stacked inside the cage, the material creates an interesting textural pattern behind the openwork metal grid. Four thick black-locust slabs form the seat. The result is a bench that is both comfortable for sitting and comfortable in its surroundings.”

How do you like that! What she forgot to mention is how beautiful the view is of the Tidal Delaware Water Trail from those stellar benches!

Read the whole artivle here.