It is always exciting to see Tidal Delaware projects highlighted in the media, and being the focus of a story by a news outlet that reports on multitudes of projects across the Commonwealth is particularly exciting. WHYY’s Keystone Crossroads project presented an excellent and in-depth article about DRWC’s Delaware River Pop-up parks and the impact they have on river access. Did you know that half a million people visited Spruce Street Harbor Park in its first year when DRWC was only hoping to attract 100,000? That’s the power of a river! Our favorite part of the article over here at the Tidal Trail? This quote sticks out in particular:

“The success of [DRWC’s] parks shows it’s possible to accomplish a lot on a city’s waterfront with only a little funding. And maybe that’s not so surprising. After all, waterfronts have a ‘magical draw,’ said Corcoran. You just “‘have to give people a reason to come down and experience [them].'”

Read the whole article here!