Source: Delaware Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police

Bobbing its head out of our river waters, a 7-foot long manatee was spotted in the Tidal Delaware River north of Philadelphia on Wednesday. Manatees are an endangered species. The marine mammal normally calls Florida home, but apparently news of Philadelphia making the New York Times top 3 places to visit in 2015 wasn’t lost on the warm water denizen.

When asked to comment on his trip north, the manatee said that “the Tidal Delaware sounded like such an amazing place in all the articles I read, I just couldn’t miss a chance to escape the Florida heat and check it out. I have been very impressed by how friendly the Delaware River species are. The catfish and trout have been particularly outgoing, and I must say that the herons are beautiful to look at.”**

Chuck Underwood, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife spokesman, said that the manatee does not seem distressed or injured, it is just having good luck finding food as it wanders north. Motorboat operators are asked to be aware, and if they spot the manatee, slow down and let other motorboats in the area know the animal is nearby.

For more information on our exciting visitor, check out the full story here.

**Not a real Manatee quote